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AOG.jobs provides you with reliable remote developers who are in passion with what they do and who are ready to bring into your project all their experience and successful achievements. Our candidates know how to apply the latest technology to your business goals and ready to deliver efficient solutions.

  • 68+ skills and frameworks
  • High communicative skills
  • The open-minded candidates

UI/UX Designers

Our UI/UX designers will help you to define the best journey for your users. Those are designers who not just focused on your business goals but also will care about your user's needs to make both parties satisfied. Impress your customers with AOG.jobs.

  • Transform the whole business ecosystem and sales approach
  • Interact with your users in the right way
  • Humanize your technology

Project Managers

The Project Manager has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of your project.

  • We understand the client business challenges and needs
  • Most popular and effective project management methodologies
  • Managing Risks and Issues


AOG.jobs provides the DevOps talent who can accelerate efficiency and improve collaboration between development and IT operations to speed up the product release. The DevOps specialist makes your work processes more transparent and understandable to eliminate human errors and upgrading the development processes.

  • Continuous Release and Deployment
  • Time-management efficiency and team collaboration
  • Increased team flexibility and agility


AOG.jobs ready to provide you with QA experts who are ready to test the quality of your products and services. The QA engineer eliminates risks and protects your business brand to ensure a successful launch.

  • Identify errors and defects before commercial launch
  • Maintain a Great User Experience
  • Keep quality and save your money

The Secrets to Successful About AOG.jobs

Why AOG.jobs

  • No recruiting fee
  • No prepayment
  • Quality guarantee
  • No min or max commitment
  • Flexible engagement model
  • Personal support manager
  • Fast turnaround
  • Payment for approved hours

Best Ever Services

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IT Outsourcing company

Resolve the challenge of finding resources for your projects on a regular basis. AOG.jobs always ready to provide you with requested talents within 24h. We provide you with access to highly experienced professionals who are ready to deliver full speed from the very first day.

  • No min/max commitment
  • Fast turnaround of resources and flexible terms of cooperation
  • Delivery guarantee

Enterprise business

Scalability, Distribution, Security, Effectiveness, Compliance are our main priorities. Remote developers ready to ensure delicate planning and expertise considering the changing business requirements and environments

  • Set up your own development team considering your business needs and goals
  • AOG.jobs experts will help you to create an effective solution that allows you to keep your users and customers be engaged
  • Lifetime Maintenance and Support of your systems and solutions


AOG.jobs can help you to resolve the problem of hiring top-notch experts on the market. Implement and check your idea from scratch with remote developers only. We are able to provide you high-skilled professionals for a part-time job to save your investments and to speed up your product or service release.

  • Fast access to the IT top-talents on the market at affordable price
  • Build your own remote development team to create your MVP or to create a new feature
  • Save your time and budget on recruitment costs

IT Product company

The on-time delivery of the new product features, scaling, integrations and fast implementation of the new version of your product - all of that require high-skilled professionals. AOG.jobs ready to provide you with all kinds of specialists and experts that IT companies might need to deliver the product to the customer.

  • AOG.jobs provides required IT-professionals at any stage of your product lifecycle
  • The fast and cost-effective implementation of the new product features
  • Reduce time-to-market without loss of the quality

R&D center

Get access to the top talents on the market who have experience in the R&D field and speed up your time to go into the market of product innovation. Support your innovations as well as production with remote developers.

  • On-demand access to the top IT talents
  • Optimize your human resources costs for research and development
  • Create next-generation, adaptive, context-aware intelligent services


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