3 myths about outstaffing in Ukraine

Number of IT companies choosing Ukraine for outstaffing is rapidly growing and it is no wonder. Ukraine has made a good showing at IT market and now is a fitting rival among other countries.

What is IT outstaffing and how it works?

To put it simply, company – outstaffer has needed specialists, developers of all levels and skills, and a client buys their skills for a project /projects. All requirements and conditions of cooperation are put in a contract so a client may be sure that in case an offered developer does not fit he/ she will be replaced by another one.

Originally outstaffing as we use it today was used in USA and other countries in 1960s.

In 1990s it gained enormous popularity when new human resources management laws were implemented. Due to the new requirements small and middle American companies were forced to make much paperwork and it was not profitable.

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This approach has led to the emergence of outstaffing as companies did not want to spend so much time and efforts on time and resources.

Ukrainian developers and remote teams are on demand for outstaffing services but despite this fact number of myths are still around it.

#1. Language and cultural differences will be an obstacle in interaction

It may be funny but some people still think Ukrainians do not speak English at all or speak badly. But English classes are obligatory in the majority of schools and universities and 80% of developers have at least intermediate level of it. So you may count on a good understanding of technical specifications and other instructions. Language barriers will be insignificant.

Significant cultural differences will not be on your way either. Most Ukrainians, especially young people, share European mentality and most have working experience with partners from Europe and US.

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#2. No high-level experts in Ukraine

Having a good tech education base Ukraine has the largest pool of IT talents in Europe. 90,000 tech workers and its quantity is constantly growing. It’s expected that by 2020 there will be 200,000 engineering specialists with expertise in cutting edge technologies.                            

This amount of tech workers is a kind of guarantee to choose IT talent of the level and expertise you need. According to the latest researches, Ukrainian C++ and Unity3D developers rank first globally, second – JavaScript and Magento, third – PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby and Symfony. So if you are in search of developers and outsourced programmers you should consider Ukraine as IT outstaffing partner.

#3. IT outstaffing in Ukraine is not safe because of political situation

We will not deny that situation in Ukraine is difficult, but the unstable regions are hundreds of thousand kilometers away from the main tech capital Kiev. This fact does not stop Siemens, Magento and other huge companies from having centers in Ukraine.

So don’t be biased to outstaffing in Ukraine. Many companies have chosen it for business cooperation! Find a programmer and make your project a success!