5 well-known companies involving remote developers in their projects

Having your own development team has its advantages; development outsourcing is widely used even in big companies. We offer you several examples of the companies which opted for outsourcing.


It is a popular service with an open-source for developers, where an individual has access to the source code browser, online editing, wiki and tickets. The company has used a lot of people who did development remotely. Today more than 10 million people exploit GitHub, and it is the largest web hosting service for IT-projects.


Today it is difficult to find anyone who uses the Internet and does not know about Skype. Skype is a member of Microsoft company (Microsoft bought the company for $ 8.5 billion). When they were just starting to develop a service of free calls, they have engaged a team of Estonian developers.


More than 15 million people have used Basecamp for personal projects. The head office of this technology leader is located in Chicago, US but also they have many remote employees worldwide.


At the very beginning Oracle (developer of MySQL) attached great importance to the growth strategy (which appears to be very successful), that included mainly support of outsourced personnel in various countries to improve the operations in each location.


The company’s headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway and they also outsource developers in more than 25 locations around the world to generate and realize their platform.