Artificial intelligence is closer than you think

The term “artificial intelligence” first appeared in 1970 in a scientific journal. In 1970 no one knew that this technology will develop so fast, but it happened.

Artificial intelligence is ability of machines to perform tasks that are normally performed by humans. The tasks may be miscellaneous starting from making coffee and recognizing objects on photo to playing chess, managing groups of people and driving a car.

web developer hireBut affordable gadgets are restricted to some certain actions, i.e. they can’t do or learn anything else. This is where machine learning is used.

It works like this: show millions of photos (let’s take a girl wearing glasses) to a machine and it will hone its algorithms for improving recognizing girls wearing glasses.

Interesting fact: all large internet companies use machine learning to suggest similar goods, news and other content.

There are many technologies used in artificial intelligence (AI) Blockchain for instance.

The AI researches were made due to the human brain processes and connections aiming to create artificial intelligence that functions as a human being and able to think.  

Why is artificial intelligence is so popular today?

In recent years much data that used to be analog has been digitized and humans are having tons of data sets at their disposal. Artificial intelligence is able to use it as a benefit for development of this technology and study our behavior and habits. That’s how robots behave themselves and try to act like humans.

The processors are also becoming faster and more complicated architecture and code are being used and it takes more time to analyze the data in real time. That is why AI is on high demand now and will be developing at a fast pace.

Risks of artificial intelligence

imagesSome scientists say that autonomous weapons using artificial intelligence are programmed to kill. If this weapon goes to the hands of the wrong people consequences may be very bad and lots of people may suffer. To avoid this, such weapons should be difficult to “turn off” in order to let humans feasibly “lose” control in such situation. This risk is the current problem both for narrow AI and for AI with bigger autonomy.

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