What you should know about new trend. Biometric IT

Biometrics (from Greek bio “life”, metric “measure”) implies measurement of human physical and behavioral characteristics.

It is usually used to identify a person, let access to file or entrance or track those under surveillance (in penitentiary for example).

The technology of biometrics is based on the fact that every person is unique and may be identified by his /her physical or behavioral features.

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It is a comparatively new, but promising  term. Security professionals love it and security outsource developers brush up their skills in it. Every web development agency or outsource IT company should have a security (biometric) developer.

As it was said there are two main types of biometric identifiers: physiological and behavioral characteristics.

To physiological characteristics one refers: fingerprints, hand geometry, DNA, signatures, face, hand, retina and ear features etc.

Typing rhythm, gait, gestures and voice may be considered as behavioral characteristics in biometrics.

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Among more sophisticated characteristics are electronic tattoos and password pills with a built-in microchip than when swallowed creates ID radio signal turning human body into a password.

Today biometric verification is widely used in corporate and security systems and consumer electronics. Absence of security tokens is the main feature that attracts organizations using this type of authentication.

Biometrical verification consists of scanning (via a reader or device), software converting of received information into digital, matching results with database at hand.

Iris-pattern and retina-pattern ways of authentication are applied in bank automatic teller machines.

Hand geometry is being used in industry to provide physical access to buildings.

The biggest biometric program has Indian origin and it is called India’s national ID program – Aadhaar. In database along with biometric information such as fingerprint, iris scan, face photo there is name, gender, age, address, mobile phone number etc.

No doubts biometric IT is going to take a significant role in IT market. Airport security, access to buildings (office, schools and alike), voice to unlock cars and many other cases. So it is high time to hire a programmer.