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IT technologies are developing at a fast pace and one should be aware of as many as possible modern technical processes around us. Outstaffing IT company AOG starts informing about top-notch developers with expertise in Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and other technologies. Today we are talking about Blockchain.

Blockchain is a database that operates a list of increasing records secured from breach and modification. Each block is linked to a previous one. Each new block is added in a chronological order. In any database of blockchain there is a certain algorithm scoring misc versions and arranges them according to their value – those with higher value will prevail over the others.

blockchain technologyThe blockchain is known to be the main technological innovation of Bitcoin – form of digital currency, made up and held electronically. It is under control of nobody, though produced by people, it is not like any other currency in the world, it is not printed and has no other features of the common definition of “money”. Bitcoin uses software able to solve mathematical problems.

Peers maintaining the database don’t have the same version all the time, they keep a version having the highest scores at the moment they are currently aware of. When a peer gets a higher scoring version (usually it is not new version where only one new block was added) all of them grow or update their own database and carry out retransmission to the rest peers. No one can state that any special entry will stay in the best version, but the probability of an entry becoming superseded goes down as more blocks are built on top of it, eventually becoming very low.


Though this technology appeared in Ukraine not long time ago, there was already Blockchain Conference in Kiev (March 2016) and you may search for web developer online in IT outsourcing company AOG database and request the best one for your project.

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