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How much does it cost to establish R&D center in Ukraine? And how your Company can save more than $1 million a year?

Increasingly, we hear of developers raising their rates and constantly rising rent prices for offices in Kiev. For the western companies, such a trend reduces appeal to move their development centers (R&D) or set up an office not only in the capital, but throughout Ukraine as a whole. So, they more and more often address the issue of usefulness to completely or partially moving the development from the western market to Ukraine.

How much does it actually cost? Let’s consider the most basic expenditures.

If you intend to get a development team with an office in the center of Kiev, located in close proximity to Metro station, then the rent cost per square meter will be around $50.
As a rule, ratio used by the IT companies makes 10 m² per team member.

You will also need to hire a professional IT recruiter in order to get the right team together.
According to the latest data, the recruiter’s monthly salary is $1500-2000 if not taking into account the price of the various recruiting tools and database accesses which will cost additional $100-200 a month for every hired recruiter.

Nevertheless, hiring a recruiter doesn’t guarantee a timely personnel selection.
On average, any recruiter fills 2-3 positions within a month, and also monitors and follows up approximately 5-7 vacancies at the same time.

Applying for assistance to the best agencies your talent sourcing process is likely to speed up, you will temporarily close the staff matter and during the full-fledged launch protect yourself against financial losses. To fill the position will cost you, on average, $2000-3000 for every recruited developer.

Legal support, obtaining all necessary permission documents, juridical person registration, drafting and execution of contracts, structuring the financial processes will result in a large amount as well.

Let’s examine the simple model offered by the current player in the market – AOG.jobs, and namely a comprehensive approach to establishing, maintaining and supporting the developer centers (R&D) in Ukraine.

Requesting AOG.jobs to set up your own R&D office in any city of Ukraine, the client company initially defines requirements for the forthcoming productive team and therefore eliminates excessive costs.

Cast-iron way to save money is to choose the right office location. Based on BPO Company evaluations, opting for lower than A+ class business centers (available on the left bank of Kiev) allows you to reduce the price down to $30 for m².

Due to a great deal of experience in IT specialists’ selection, AOG.jobs team will in no time find the office and team in accordance with the client’s request and requirements.

AOG.jobs also takes care of all legal and financial issues.

These processes have already been set up by experienced Team of AOG.jobs which have been providing their clients with high-quality service for over 4 years. The company has extensive experience of work with both domestic and foreign clients.

In the end, client company gets up and running IT specialists team, complete financial and bookkeeping support, comfortable office and healthy working conditions for the developers in Ukraine

And last but not least – most appropriate cost optimization for the development services.

In our estimates, the annual expenses for one developer in Kiev should be around $65000.

For comparison, average income of IT specialists in the USA amounts to $120 000 per year.

Therefore, if the team consists of 20 developers it means that net savings of client company will make over $1, 000, 000 every year.

For the clients who already have established the development centers in Ukraine, AOG.jobs team offers qualified selection of the developers of any level for the work in the client’s office on a permanent basis or completing IT tasks remotely.

For further information and assistance regarding developer office set up in Ukraine, please e-mail us at: top@www.aog.jobs