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Data science investment in IT development

What is data science and where is it applied?

Data science is a cross-disciplinary field dealing with arranging and getting information from data in various forms.

It has connections with such technologies as statistics, machine learning, predictive analytics and some more.

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This term was in use since 1960 and for a long time it has been an interchangeable substitute for datalogy and computer science. Modern term “data science” first appeared in 1996. Since then this term was developing in its own technological direction.

What do data scientists do?

IT outstaffingWith the development of the term, people engaged in data science field were called data scientists. There appeared master courses in data science in universities and it was a popular education path.

Data scientists can solve vast and difficult tasks and merge rich data sources and build mathematical models using the data available.

With help of data science it is not a challenge to find answers within few days and not in months as it used to be. The results are exposed in digital form unlike workers of statistical bureau which it a great advantage.

Data science may seem similar to statistics, but it much more advanced. It may foresee misc data needs  for business in different areas? To find data pieces required but missing is not a problem for data science today.

In sort data science process undergoes 3 steps

Organize Data – Package Data -Deliver Data

Data scientist should possess good managerial and researching skills, language processing, a bit of machine learning knowledge and more.

Dealing with information in any form, data science may be applied in many spheres from solutions for private businesses to analysis huge amounts of polls for example.  

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