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Does your business continuity plan include remote hiring?

Great summer! US e-commerce had 10 years of growth over the last 3 months.

Remote services becoming more and more attractive which is inevitably leads to the companies’ business development and growth. More and more businesses renew hiring processes and remote hiring is on the tremendous upswing.

McKinsey & Company analyst team unveils a graph of an e-commerce growth spurt over the past three months, equal to 10 and prior years.

According to surveys, a staggering 98% of employees who switched to remote work due to the latest events of this year would like to keep working from home for the rest of their careers.

But how is the global market responding to current remote recruiting trends?

Google will extend employee work-from-home until the summer of 2021.

Twitter, announced in May that employees could work from home forever if they wanted.

Microsoft has said employees will work from home through at least October, while Amazon has said employees will work remotely until January

But what about the situation with Hiring Strategies?

Chief officers and functional leaders across industries say they anticipate spending less on permanent hiring in the next 12 months.

“During the crisis of 2020, changes in customer demand have caused a temporary spike in hiring in areas such as grocery while leading to massive layoffs in sectors such as hospitality. Even with those shifts and an overall rise in unemployment, efficient and effective hiring will continue to be important—especially for the scarce skills required for the next normal in areas such as IT.

In May 2020, we surveyed more than 190 chief officers and functional leaders across industries to find out how they were thinking about spending allocation in the months ahead. Of those leaders, 67 percent say they anticipate spending less on permanent hiring in the next 12 months”, – McKinsey & Company expert group report.

Does your business continuity plan include Remote Hiring? 

As far as we can see, remote work is becoming a new standard in the labor market. It’s time to embrace new remote ways to search, select, and hire candidates. The benefits of hiring remote workers are not secret. They are powerful and can become a critical growth factor in your business.

Here they are:

  • – there is no need to spend money on cost-effective office rent;
  • – you can hire the best offshore talents from all over the globe;
  • – the staffing process can be flexibly  reduced or increased according to the needs of your business;
  • – you can also attract the best candidates who may not be eligible for your company due to expenses and lifestyle changes;
  • – using contractors in multiple time zones allows you to respond faster to customer’s requests and ensure projects are completed around the clock.

Are you going to optimize workforce planning and strategy this year? 

Only those companies that can adapt to the new conditions of the labor market will be able to attract the best personnel and remain leaders in their field for the coming years. The consolidation and steady development of your business can depend entirely on remote workers in just a few years. To create a robust and flexible work environment, we strongly recommend that you start planning your remote workforce now. From our perspective, Remote Talent it’s today’s reality, and of course, it’s a trend for the future. HR experts say talent is crucial for business performance these days and finding and faster hiring the right people is on the high demand these days.

What we are suggesting

What can you do to remain successful in a modern and constantly changing market and to develop your business productively? The solution for you is to look towards recruiting temporary remote talentsAnd to neutralize the potential risks associated with remote recruiting, it is most reasonable to take advantage of the professional services in this environment. Since 2013 AOG.jobs staffing service helps companies around the world hire remote IT talent for their projects within 24h on request.

We are ready to adjust the new trends in the labor market and will be happy to share our expertise. We are ready to share insider information on how to integrate remote IT Engineers into your projects and how to effectively organize and manage their work.

If hiring software engineers is one of the challenges you are trying to cope with, in the next article we are going to provide you with an overview of the current situation in the IT talent market. We will show you what kind of technologies and experts are on the high demand these days and where you could hire them in the most efficient way.