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HOT! Senior System Engineer and Senior UI experts needed!

Who is not dreaming about living (at least for some time) in a warm country and enjoying high temperature? A good suntan will be a bonus for you, yeah?

Well, life is unexpected at times and for sure has some pleasant surprises for everyone in store.

The suggestion I am going to tell you is rather irregular, but the opportunity you can seize is just incredible, really! Want to find more? Here we go!

AOG has got a hot vacancy for Senior System Engineer and senior UI experts.

Pay attention the location is Dubai!

system engineer job

Who is the client and whom does he need?

Our client is very famous in Big Data Industry having head office in Belgium and one more in Dubai. He works with top IT engineers who create products in cutting edge technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Storage System, AI etc.

As the company is developing at a fast pace he wants to hire a team – 10 people to work in Dubai. Trial period is 3 months (for this period developers are located in Dubai). If developers prove to be appropriate for the project they will sign a 2-year contract (spending 9 months in Dubai, 3 anywhere in the world due to unbearable heat from Jule till September).

The client is looking for ambitious and open-minded people, communicative and ready for challenges, there might be many of them 🙂 If a candidate has not enough skills yet but has a burning desire to learn and work hard he might be accepted! High potential people are on demand in this company.

ukrainian it company

The owner has several companies each of them specializing in the definite technology: Machine learning, IoT, Blockchain and others. Those who will do their best will have brilliant opportunity to learn from tech experts and chances for career promotion.

As far as technical skills are concerned candidates should have knowledge in Amazon, Big Data, Prototyping, SCRUM, Kanban, REST API, Blockchain, IoT, Rust, Go, Ruby and the latest technology and Linux.

To generalize, developes will be working with definite technologies they like the most and want to reach perfection.

Interested? You should be! This is fantastic opportunity to acquire new skills and spend great time in new living conditions.

Here is more detailed description http://www.aog.jobs/project/54721

Follow the link and apply for this project!

Good luck!