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How to choose smart watch apps you really will need

Today it is hard to find a person who knows nothing about smart watches.

To put it short, this is a watch with lots of extra functions like compass, calculator, GPS, planner, fitness tracking, SMS, receiving calls, operating OS, many of them are compatible with apps and can be called small computers. Any of smart devices can be considered a part of Internet of things.

You will be surprised to learn that first analogue of smart watch was invented in 1927 and was called Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator.

first smart watch

It had no GPS, but you could get from A to B with its help though. You only need to slot in the scroll map cartridge for the chosen route. Of course you had to turn a knob manually, but it did not ask to be charged.

In 50 years there appeared the 1st digital watch. It was wrapped in 18 carat gold and LED. One could buy it for $2000 and be up-to-date a lot.

Then followed Seiko watch. Like it, ha?

This model had a calculator and could store few notes, two if to be more precise, but still this gadget was on a dream run at that time.

In 1995 Seiko released Message Watch that looked much like Google.

It also showed updates from some services like sports score or weather forecast.

Later on Linux, Microsoft, Sony, NIKE and more companies tried releasing their versions of smart watches.

In 2013 Samsung Galaxy Gear came onstage.

And in 2016 Apple watch.

For some people a smart watch is something to show off, but for others it is a real must-have.

When you decide to purchase a smart watch you will for sure spend much time searching for the descriptions and special features. Within some time you will want to install some extra apps and explore all new functions.

So in what ways you could make your watch even more helpful for you? What are the most popular smart watch apps? 

There are many apps for smart watch designed and thousands made up. Below you will find the list of the most useful applications for your smart watch.

1. Citymapper

This app will come in handy when you will find yourself in an unknown town or checking transport schedule. You’ll receive result on your watch.

2. Wear Audio Recorder

With the help of a mic built into your watch one may record meetings, interviews, songs you want to find or bird chirping.

3. InstaWeather

Everything is clear here I believe. You have your chosen location weather forecast. You will get notifications when it is a shower or snowstorm close so you it will not catch you flatfooted.

4. Duolingo

This app lets you learn one more foreign language via funny and short lessons on your smart watch. You can learn even in a bus on your way home!

5. Wear Audio Recorder

This app will come in handy when you will want to record conversations, meetings, ideas or bird chirping.

6. Find My Phone

This is really very useful app! When you lose your phone. With its help you will be able to find a phone even if it is silent. You would ask how it would be possible? Smart watch developers designed this app able to make your phone buzz and light up, you need just tap a command.

7. Task Manager

Will be useful when you need a list of all active programmes on your smart watch and stop those you are not using now. You are free to close some of them or all at once.

8. Endomondo

It is a rather famous fitness platform that enables users to track your runs, hikes or any other exercises you take. It has GPS that is why all the results of your physical activity is being sent to your watch.

Do not know how to download smart watch app? Watch a video!