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AOG.jobs Partner representative or how to make your clients love you

For over 4 years we have been developing the sales agents’ network all over the world, and today we are proud to have a team of regional representatives in Scandinavia, Benelux countries, the USA and Canada. Also, last year we improved our cooperation with the independent sales agents and those who work for the companies running businesses with a limited tech stack that prevents them from unlocking their full potential in sales.

The experiment we have conducted proved to be successful and efficient. Our way of cooperation enabled the sales agents to rapidly assist their clients going beyond the resources and manpower of their companies.

Sales agents retained the clients and we elaborated quite a simple yet successful cooperation model allowing us at very short notice to process numerous requests for remote IT Outstaffing and provide our clients with qualified senior and middle developers.

We aim to add value to the businesses of our customers, assist them in getting relevant developers for their projects within 24 hours.

AOG.jobs appreciates transparency in cooperation and partnership, that’s why we have really simple conditions – the agent always gets a full report on the worked hours in terms of their client’s project, the agent gets monthly commission payments based on the invoice paid by the client, real-time cooperation when the agent can request a status of their client at any time, commission payment in any convenient way – PayPal, Payoneer, Visa/MasterCard, PE.

Cooperation with AOG.jobs has no restrictions:
– Tech stack or business domain at your service, we provide experienced developers specialized in over 68 IT technologies;
– 25 000 individual reliable developers from Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland ready to join the clients’ projects already today;
– 1300+ partner companies within the framework of the efficient IT bench utilization program;
– Our Managers provides assistance to the agents throughout the process, keeps them informed and always stays in touch;
– Over 5 years of leadership in the Ukrainian IT Outstaffing market;

What’s best – AOG.jobs doesn’t apply income constraints! On top of that, commission amount is defined solely by the agent!

We guarantee confidential cooperation based on the NDA agreement.

Join AOG.jobs, the leader in IT Outstaffing market!