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How to run a remote team?

Working  on a project with a local team in most cases runs smoothly without complications as you set tasks, check and manage the processes at any stage. You have control over all processes.

Artel Outsourcing Group is dealing with developers’ teams located throughout Ukraine, therefore many clients are facing the problem of how to perform control and evaluate the team’s performance remotely?

The screenshots might be helpful in this situation but they cannot give you a clear picture of the work done.

The problem emerges when your team works remotely, distance and lack of regular work monitoring might lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary complications. As a rule, software development companies integrate programmers and QA responsible for testing code and registering errors, they report on remote teams. As for small companies willing to involve freelancers in their projects they often  can’t afford to hire such specialists.

In order to enhance efficiency of the working relations we offer a list of tips that will make it easier to manage a remote team:

Basic pillar

Two sides involved in a labor process cannot get along without establishing a dialogue. Understanding between a client and his/her offshore team will only contribute to the success of the project. Therefore dialogue is one of the most important pillars of the efficient cooperation.

Artel Outsourcing Group offers its clients and IT Specialists convenient means of communication, such as Skype, E-mail, chat, etc. These ways will enable you to track and control employee job involvement and solve questions at any time.

Clear tasks

Client must clearly define the main tasks which will be given to the remote team. To make it easier to some extent you can do it as follows:

  • Assign the task of  writing/testing scripts
  • Break them into components
  • Tag completed components as “solved”
  • Record results in the accounting system


 In order to improve the customer’s satisfaction,  Artel Outsourcing Group will provide assistance throughout the entire project, make suggestions about workflow and take part in decision making when needed.


AOG priority is an efficient cooperation between the clients and IT Specialists. We are interested in the high quality projects of our clients as well as in the professional growth of our IT talents.