How to use Internet of Things in everyday life?

Recently AIN posted rating of the world best IoT developers, that containes 5 Ukrainian IT companies. This is a very good result for such a rare and sought-after technology. The rating also contains American, Canadian, British companies and outsourcers from China, India, Poland and Belorus.  So we, Ukrainians, are very proud of it.

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What is IoT (Internet of Things)? The term itself is rather broad and covers lot of data. You are sure to be using it everyday, but you still may be unaware of it. Let’s take an example – your mobile phone. It uses WI-FI to give you an access to the Internet, to provide an opportunity to search on web and use your apps to make your life easier. When you chat or talk over the telephone with your friends you are connected. This is where IoT works. Or you may check-in elsewhere around the world and in such a way be reachable for your relatives and stay in touch any time. In other words, IoT is a network of connected things with switch on and off regulators, sensors and electronics to enable exchange and collection of data and information.  

Past and future of Internet of Things

What is IoT past? Originally it was made up as creating misc devices for making life easier like refrigerators, cell phones and so on. Today it has developed into smart home, smart cities and wearables. You may call and text via watch, connect to Internet in your car, plan your day in your smartphone, your fridge can hint you to buy some food or warn that you’re running out of milk etc. It is considered that by 2020 the world will be using nearly 50 billion of devices governed by Internet of things. Smart things are already in your life or around the corner.

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