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Key tips for every employer

Basing on AOG broad experience in IT sphere we can mark out several important tips that will come in handy for every employer. Following these tips will go along towards quick, easy and time-saving search for the right specialist.

Set clear goals and define requirements

Searching for an hourly developer, make sure you have defined the set of requirements and responsibilities. Specify the skills you are interested in the most, e.g. PHP Developer with 4 years of experience, extensive knowledge of XML and integration with PayPal. This will help you to find the IT professional with the matching skills and background.

Keep in touch

Just like you want to hear from employees, employees want to hear from you as well. Keep them informed of the workflow, update on the project details and alterations. Intercommunication proves to be efficient, time and cost saving, at the same time it leads you to fruitful and successful cooperation.

Test before you hire

Hiring somebody new for your project is a serious process. You can read their resume, do job interviews but you still don’t know how they will do before they start a job. If you are not quite sure about the professional competence of the candidate you can hire him/her to complete a small task for a certain fee. This way will help you to evaluate the candidate’s job fit, cultural fir, motivators and potential problems that might appear in the course of the workflow.

Be aware of the wage

The wage of the average programmer in Ukraine varies from 30 to 50 dollars per hour. Take this information into account while estimating the value of the project.

Communicate respectfully

Respectfully interacting and communicating with your co-workers is a foundation of the respectful workplace. Create meaningful relationships and prevent procrastination, gossip, stonewalling and other aggressive methods in the team work. On the other hand, rewards and incentives will retain the employees who stay with the company, boost employee productivity, idea generation and profits. Moreover reward system doesn’t always need to involve cash.