Internet of things. Smart things around us

In the modern digital world it is an ordinary thing to have a Wi-Fi gadget or have no idea what mobile app is. With the development of IT technologies and modern technologies like artificial intelligence or machine learning influence the way we live, work and how we rest.

Internet of things is like a wide network connecting objects around us. What can be referred to Internet of things? The answer is any object (no matter artificial or natural) with IP address and capabilities to transfer data in network. So IoT are refrigerators, smartphones, cars, watches, music, medical and other technical devices.

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What is the role of IoT in our life?

software consultancyThis technology is going to develop fast and “connect” those things that are not connected so far. In the nearest future it will be possible to do the things that seem impossible today. For instance, if you have drunk some alcohol at the party your car can drive you home safe. Or if there is a traffic jam and you’re hurrying to the meeting your car will text your partner that you will be late. It would be great if a device used by you at the office could inform where and at doing what tasks you reached the highest level of productivity, would not it?

Our life is already tightly bound with Internet of things and this connection will become more firm each day as new devices will join the IoT.

This is just inevitable and the perfect line of behavior for us now is to learn what such “things” can bring to our life and how to make it better.

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