One more iOS vs. Android battle. What is your opinion?

Let’s assume you are facing a choice what OS is better for you: iOS or Android. These two always foster much discussion whenever published.

Today we are taking a closer look at the difference between them and will scan all pros and cons.

So iOS. It claims to be the best OS, but savvy users also know its cons.

Design & interface. And weight-size ratio of iOS stands on a level higher than Android devices. That is true and proved by lots of surveys.

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Great performance. It is one of the main advantages of iOS. To manage lots of apps so fast is what Apple lovers adore, really. Each app launched is remarkably responsive and loads without any delay.

They are dumbed down. OS is built in such a way that a user can learn working with it intuitively. It takes little time to get necessary skills of using it. Most users love it about iOS. But for power users so many customization points may seem irritating and obvious.

Security and privacy issues. Apple has firmly recommended itself as security expert among OS. Security features are always improving and it becomes more safe to use iOS. Apple users trust Touch ID authentication and privacy it gives feeling of safety to know all your data is not read by anyone. Many companies think it is a great idea to hire a programmer and develop security segments of their apps.

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Apps and app store usability. iOS is more appealing for app developers that is why new apps and games especially appear for iOS later being changed for Android devices. It is much easier to find a developer with expertise in iOS aware of all current trends and versions and freelance app developers are not worse than office ones.

iOS apps design is considered more stylish and user-friendly. The same with app stores. It is designed in such a way that every user can find an app he/ she wants in a short time without getting lost in thousands of options. Apple Store recommends its users some new apps and make app search times shorter.

Let’s have a closer look at Android.

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Great variety of devices. No one will disagree that there exist much more devices on Android than on iOS. One can get Android phones designed by many brands all of sizes and shapes.

Great customization options. Android has a lot of customized things like launchers, home and lock screens, menus and so on. Everyone is free to make can optimize their phones look and feel to whatever suits them best.

Alternative app stores and sideloading. It is not difficult to sideload misc apps on Android. It may be done from PC via USB cable or with another download method. Android software developers have designed lots of alternative app stores with a wide choice of applications on Android.

Battery life. This is the key feature when making a choice of purchase new smartphone. The longer it works, the more useful it is for your needs. Of course, iOS is optimized well enough for battery capacity, but some Android devices can work much longer. In Android a user can see battery capacity percentage and what is left at a glance.

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Emailing. Mailing apps on all OS are very user-friendly and easy to use and fast to install. Apart from Gmail there are lots of other mail apps available having army of admirers.

Cost. It might have been #1 point in our list. Android devices cost much less though providing great options.

As you see there are pros and cons for each of two devices reviewed and it is up to you to decide what OS is more suitable for you.