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Living in a smart world. Technologies of future

We are lucky to live in such a diverse world full of new technologies and opportunities – skype, multi-touch tablets, mobile apps, 3D printers and drones. Modern technologies are around us already and have firmly entered our lives. Probably, the most important their feature is possibility to perform many tasks without human interference: wash the dishes, do the cleaning or drive home without a driver. Yes, all these are quite possible and the world is getting updated.

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In the last years technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics etc. No one knows that Internet of things has been present in our lives for a long time already. All these technologies will be popular within next 10-15 years.

As the technologies are developing a need in good specialists arises. Companies do market researches, study their customers behaviour aiming to provide the best services for them. Recently code review has become a household name and IT experts state that every project notwithstanding it is new or old needs code review.

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The profit of up-to-date devices is just huge: in general, it helps to analyze what a customer needs and give him/her the best decision. As fas as Predictive analytics is concerned it may be applied practically in all spheres of human life, from marketing to finance and banking. It helps to forecast users behaviour in certain situations and build correct strategy of business development.

Healthcare, for example, can be helpful for users who want to save their time for visits to a hospital, with the help of mobile apps taking control of their food, blood pressure and daily water consumption.

Outsourcing IT company AOG has gathered profiles of top experts in modern technologies.

Each expert has expertise in one or more of these technologies and you may see their profiles and projects done to find a developer for your need. Just click on a link.
                                      Internet of Things                   Machine learning
                                      Artificial Intelligence             Blockchain 
                                      Augmented reality                  Code review
                                      Predictive analytics                Health care

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