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More about Artel Outsourcing Group

In the Ukrainian IT market outsourcing is one of the most promising sectors, a number of successful outsourcing projects were already implemented across the country. More foreign clients get interested in Ukrainian IT-outsourcing due to the high level of skills and competitive cost of the provided services.

AOG offers its clients highly qualified and experienced IT experts specialized in the most popular technologies from throughout Ukraine in a short time.

Our goal is to provide the companies with the talented IT experts ready to join your team within 24 hours, to make remote collaboration between the client and the IT specialists easy, profitable and cost- effective.

We present our customers a large database of IT experts, assistance of AOG Talent Integration Managers in framework of the project and high quality of the end-product.

Services we provide:

  • IT Consulting –  AOG finds the requested IT Specialist or dedicated team of developers for your urgent and complex tasks
  • IT Outstaffing – AOG helps the Client to hire IT Specialists outside Client’s company staff which reduces costs and improves quality
  • IT Recruiting – AOG searches the requested IT Specialists in own IT Database and Ukrainian IT Network, interviews, screens and selects them
  • Relocation – AOG offers the Ukrainian IT Specialists relocation opportunities and helps the Clients to get its product done in high quality
  • AOG Project Managers provide the Client with the technical support and assistance based on their vast experience in Software Development
  • 27/7 high level assistance from AOG Talent Integration Manager
  • Concierge service – AOG assists Clients by performing tasks such as arranging business trips to Ukraine, booking tickets, solving accommodation issues and providing support for trip duration
  • AOG builds your own Development Team and meets your administrative needs, including office unit and required Software in Ukraine

AOG  is your lifesaver when:

  • Your staff lacks the IT specialist with certain skills
  • You need a specialized expert for a one time task
  • Your project is about to miss the deadline due to lack of resources
  • Lack of available resources locally
  • You need an Expert to bring a “fresh look” to your project

Today AOG is a rapidly growing network offering unique and consistent service to its clients.