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Outstaffing as an Offshore Development Hiring Model

Hiring Remote IT engineers becomes one of the efficient hiring solutions for a lot of companies that consider Offshore Development Models. And Outstaffing is a well-known hiring option allowing you to do that.

Connecting businesses with IT and being #1 outstaffing service worldwide AOG.jobs provides companies with remote IT Talents since 2013.


IT Outstaffing is an Offshore Development Hiring Model when the customer hires a remote IT engineer (contractor) through an outstaffing provider for the purposes of the particular project to carry out development tasks. Outstaffing providers handle searching and hiring required talents. As well as maintenance support and administration of the software development team which is at the disposal of the customer.

At the same time, outstaffing providers serve as an employer who is responsible to pay salary to the contractor (IT engineer). While the customer supplies the developer with tasks and assignments and controls the quality. The customer is responsible for the hiring decision because he evaluates candidates on the technical interview.

The customer manages and controls project implementation directly and pays for the hours delivered by the contractor. Thus, IT outstaffing allows customers to engage remote IT consultants. Which could become a part of the in-house development team, with no need to hire them directly as a part of the in-house staff. This remote employee can be managed either by your in-house managers or you can hire a remote manager with the same model.

Types of remote IT Talent that you can hire through AOG.jobs as an outstaffing provider:

  • Contractor – An independent individual, who gets hired by AOG.jobs as an outsourcing provider on the contract basis for the customer needs.

  • Sub-Contractor – Hired on the contract basis Individual who is officially employed by another company that is a contractor for AOG.jobs as an outsourcing provider.

Our customers can choose the option they prefer. Cooperation with freelancers allows you to find cheaper developers. And subcontractors allow you to find stronger technical expertise and team-member experience.
For the time being, AOG.jobs service manages the Partners network of more than 1500 IT companies with the talent base of more than 25300 IT engineers skilled across a variety of different business domains and industries and having expertise in 68+ technologies.

Let’s take a look at Pros and cons of IT outstaffing:

Pros of IT Outstaffing:

– Dedicated employees;

– Low market prices (salary);

– Flexibility in team management (hiring, firing);

– Immediate start;

– Covering the main technological niches;

– Technically skilled and trained professionals;

– Increase in organizational efficiency and flexibility;

– Efficient reporting procedures to track productivity and results;

– Direct access to remote staff through web-based tools;

– A team solely dedicated to your project;

– No extra management expenses, recruiting training, and infrastructure costs;

Cons of IT Outstaffing:

– Low level of administration of development teams;

– Issues with legal base;

– Responsibility for management

– Risks of poor planning

– Responsibility for quality and choosing developers

You can consider IT outstaffing as an option for different types of requirements. Here are some of the case studies

Case studies

Considering AOG.jobs as a solution you can hire remote:

– Backend/Frontend/Mobile/Fullstack/Desktop/Embedded Developers;

– Business Analyst;

– Data Scientist;

– UX/UI Designer;

– DevOps resources;

– Quality Assurance consultant;

– Project Managers;

– Cyber Security consultant.

IT Outstaffing it’s a good option for:

– Small and Mid-sized businesses;

– IT outsourcing companies;

– Digital and Marketing agencies;

– Startups;

– Product and Service companies;

– R&D centers.

When it could be necessary to use outstaffing

Example: Due to the expansion of the business, it is necessary to increase the company’s staff. But such a need for new employees exceeds the personnel budget plan for the year. What to do? Use the outstaffing service. Contractors are hired for project work, they perform their duties in the company, working along with other employees, but in fact, they belong to the staff of the outstaffing agency or are its subcontractor.

In fact, to meet new challenges of the market you need to be flexible with the approaches of doing your business. And hiring, in this case, is one of the most important things. Regardless of your need for IT resources, you can always consider AOG.jobs service as a solution that is always aimed to provide you with a high level of service and ready to be flexible in solving any of your cases and cover your needs.