Outsource People 2017 Kyiv. International conference for Service Software Development Business

Outsource People is the largest professional event about IT business development for owners and managers of IT companies in Eastern Europe.

Twice a year IT entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, USA, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Russia, the Baltics and others, meet at this conference to share their experience and create new opportunities for their companies. The conference gives a chance to devirtualize the colleagues with whom you are communicating online via email or chats for months.

Traditionally, the autumn 7th conference will take place at Ramada Encore, Kyiv on 13-14 October.

Programme and tickets at https://outsource-people.com/


Participants’ levels: Founder, Owner, CEO, COO, Sales\Marketing manager, Business Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager.

Speakers’ levels:
CEOs and experts of the biggest IT companies, including:

  • David Brown, CEO TemplateMonster
  • Matt Moore, Chairman TEAM International
  • Zhenya Rozinskiy, Strategic advisor Mirigos
  • Victor Shalnyev, CEO NIX Solutions
  • Jeff  Bianco, President Dev-Pro.net
  • Alex Lutskiy, CEO & Co-Founder Innovecs
  • Oleksandr Medovoi, CEO & Founder AltexSoft
  • Roman Peskin, Technology Entrepreneur IT


At Outsource People you will:

  • Discuss trends and important news of IT business;
  • Review successful ideas and reasons for failures while entering different markets;
  • Learn new marketing and sales methods in context of communication with Western clients;
  • Exchange specifics of work with clients in e-commerce;
  • Get recommendations for setting up a remote team, right delegation of responsibilities, efficient communication with clients;
  • Review ways to develop your company and find your market.

    The programme has 7 streams of speeches, 5 of which are simultaneous and take place in 5 different halls. For the participants to stay in tonus, some speeches will be interactive: trainings and case studies. Let’s review each stream in short:

    1. Business Strategy – 2 days
    Traditionally, the majority of top speeches by star speakers will be here. We will discuss global issues of IT service industry development, unusual experience of explosive growth or CEO leaving the business, etc.

    2. Sales in IT – Day 1
    This stream is about lead generation, new channels, sales tips, negotiations with clients, recruitment and salaries of Sales.

    3. Marketing in IT – Day 2
    We used to have marketing and sales in one stream before. Now we are launching a new stream in order to review the outsource marketing system in full details.

    4. Operational Development – Day 1
    As usual, we will review project management, communication of the development team and the client, team building, recruitment and motivation of employees.

    5. Work4Ecommerce – Day 2
    We will continue with a stream about specifics of e-commerce and clients ordering online trading systems.

    6. Data Science as business
    Last year OP had a hot discussion of a service company developing its own product. This time we couldn’t pass by the trend of using data analysis and presentation in business.

    7. Fail Track
    This is an experimental stream which will last 1 day and for which we would like to invite those companies that failed but learnt a lesson. Here you will learn what NOT to do in business. From the failures of your colleagues, you can draw right conclusions for yourself. Of course it is hard to announce your failures to the public. Still, our team has found the companies willing to speak about their ups and downs. Who are the speakers is a secret for now 🙂

    The main feature of the conference is not speeches, coffee breaks, but a community of smart and driven people who are good at doing business and want to make it even better!

    The activities are arranged in a way so that participants and speakers could find like-minded people, meet new friends and business connections, discover practical ideas, get a chance for joint projects, and of course have time to rest from office routine and get inspiration for further work.

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