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Outsourcing: common mistakes and how to avoid them

Advantages and benefits derived from the outsourcing activity lead many large and small companies to outside resourcing. This kind of cooperation becomes more popular in Ukraine as outsourcing employees and assets from one company to another reduces the cost of provided services and keeps trade secrets of your company non-disclosed. When outsourcing, IT specialist or team of developers and the customer sign a Nondisclosure agreement that regulates legal relations in the sphere of rights preservation and trade secrets non-disclosure.

1. Small budget-big expectations

When a small business running on a small budget, looks for a specialist for its project, there is always a possibility to leave out the one who matches the project the most. Considering specialists only with low rates might lead to a poor quality end-product or re-doing the tasks several times that will cost you money and time. High quality work is worth a decent reward.

2. Full job description

Full job description, specialists’ specifications, project duration, termination terms and necessary skills are the guaranty to find the best match for your project.

3. Haste makes waste

An urgent project, rush job, deadline is approaching – common situation that the customers face. Finding an expert to complete the task might be a question of “life and death”. In such a situation we recommend to take your time when learning CVs and portfolios of the potential candidates, perfect match of the specialist’s skills will save you time.

4. Cultural and social differences

Hiring an overseas freelancer the customer must take into account slight and subtle differences of the foreign expert that might over-complicate the cooperation. Differences in the culture, religion, business behavior, time zone, etc are essential and shouldn’t be ignored (e.g. Muslims don’t work on Fridays and in holy month of Ramadan, the USA has different time zone from Ukraine). Make sure you discuss all important questions and details of the project before signing contract with the freelancer.