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Partnership as mutually beneficial business strategy

A partnership is a mutually beneficial business strategy that helps to achieve better results in synergy.

AOG.jobs conducted a European Market Survey among BDM and CEO of IT companies on the relevance of partnerships in their business activities. We had analyzed under what conditions and what type of models are the companies use with sales partners, agents, external sales managers, and local representatives. According to the results of the survey, 42% of respondents cooperate with partners on the basis of 10% one-time payment for each new contract.

In fact, we found out that 75% of the companies already work with the partners. As a result, our market survey once again confirmed the relevance of a partnership strategy that was chosen by a lot of companies as an effective sales channel.

With more than 6 years of proven experience on the market AOG.jobs service developing his partnership program and agents network – ” AOG.jobs Partners” starting from 2019. In the context of the global crisis and market recession, the model has proven itself as a quite relevant one.

AOG.jobs partnership program is guided by the following basic principles:

● Trust

● Win-Win collaboration

● Synergy

● Transparency

Today, there is an opportunity to choose one of 2 models of cooperation for yourself:

1.Reference for AOG.job

The partner recommends AOG.jobs to the customer. The AOG.jobs service signs a contract with a customer directly. Partner receives a commission from the each invoice issued.

2.White Label

The partner finds the customer and signs the contract with him directly. AOG.jobs provides talent for the project on a regular basis as a backend supplier under the label of the partner. The partner receives payment from the client and pays for AOG.jobs service.

From the very beginning of the partnership program, we have agreed with partners that they always define their commission by themselves. Because they understand their customers and know more about their needs and possibilities. Also, we have defined one more key advantage related to the payment conditions – the possibility of receiving remuneration payments during the lifetime period of cooperation with the client, including all the following contracts.

The company already has an active portfolio of partners and agents from the USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In the process of close cooperation and communication, we realized that a lot of companies occasionally receive many project opportunities from their clients that are not relevant to their technology stack. And a lot of clients gone because of that. Success would not be achieved overnight, but very quickly we had successfully integrated the partnership program into the working process and built transparent and trusted relationships with our agents. And what is the most important – once again we had confirmed the high level of service for the customers.

As a result, we have met not only a lot of companies who became our White Label Partners, but there were a sufficient number of independent consultants from IT Delivery, Recruitment, Sales, Business Development, who were interested to consider this opportunity due to the attractive business model.

The model of partnerships that were formed as pain-resolver for many companies who were unable to find how to solve their client’s needs has transformed into a strong alternative sales channel for companies and consultants where relationships, reputation, and quality are the main priorities.

And now we have already begun to expand our network of partners around the world. Considering such markets as Norway, Germany, Israel, Canada, Singapore, Canada, Australia we would Welcome to see you in our network!

If you are a service company, agency or consultant, community leader in your sector, and your contacts network and your services are aimed at developing and strengthening of your customers with IT solutions, we would be happy to explore potential synergies.

AOG.jobs would be happy to become your reliable Talent Partner and ready to successfully implement your client’s projects already today.