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Remote IT Talents Market August 2020: supply & demand

Remote hiring is one of the nowadays trends and if your company is engaged somehow in IT/Digital solutions or work on some projects where it needs to attract IT engineers, you just have to try working with remote developers.

In the previous article, we reviewed ongoing trends in the field of hiring and came to a certain conclusion. From our perspective, Remote Talent it’s nowadays’ reality and of course, it’s a trend for the future. HR experts say that these days’ talent is a crucial factor for business performance and augmentation. And finding and faster hiring the right people are on the high demand.
Indeed, the benefits of remote work speak for itself.

Forbes Research Department presented 5 pieces of evidence of remote work for companies:
Productivity — Teleworkers are an average of 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts, and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%.
Performance — With stronger autonomy via location independence, workers produce results with 40% fewer quality defects.
Engagement — Higher productivity and performance combine to create stronger engagement, or in other words, 41% lower absenteeism.
Retention — 54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered.
Profitability — Organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time telecommuter, or 21% higher profitability.

Advantages of using Remote IT Engineers as a solution for your business.

If we look towards the hiring of IT talent remotes, using remote IT contractors also allows:
speed up the hiring process from 7 weeks to 3 days
find available profiles within 24h
reduce hiring costs by an average of 30-40%

We deeply understand the business processes inside the kitchen, as one of the leaders in the remote IT talent market in Eastern Europe. Therefore, we decided to analyze the current trends, dynamics, and segmentation of the market to provide our readers with insight into the currently demanded skills and technologies and the situation with the availability of Remote IT Engineers.

First, let’s take a look at the number of requests for Remote IT Engineers for the period 2017 – 1-2Q 2020

As you can see, undoubtedly, COVID made its adjustments. There was a noticeable drawdown in the number of customers’ requests in Q1 and Q2 of 2020. Many companies temporarily froze their projects and stopped investing in hiring. Moreover, companies dismissed from 10 to 25% of their employees on average during this period.

Analyzing the number of requests for the 1-2 quarter of 2020, we see that the most demanded skills were: PHP 60+ requests, Java – 60, Python 50+.

The graph above, compiled by AOG.jobs, shows that iOS is more in demand than Android.
While React JS is more popular than Angular.

And then let us present you with a schedule of market segmentation of available resources by their technical specialization. Currently, the talent base of AOG.jobs is about 25,300 developers in various areas of technical specialization.

The number of IT Engineers in the direction of CMS / ERP / CRM – 960, where 75% is divided equally among themselves WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

Analyzing the number of available IT resources by their skills, we would like to note that the largest number of developers today work in such areas of development as PHP, Java, JavaScript, .NET, React JS, which in general is about 60% of our talent pool (15,000).

We also paid attention to the average number of profiles available to start ASAP in the second quarter. As we can see, there is a limited number of Vue.JS, C#, and .NET developers available to hire. That increases the deadline for closing such requests and, accordingly, affects the price for such experienced resources. Such directions as JavaScript, QA, Angular, PHP are ready to offer from 15 available candidates.

Our vision of the market today – an Employer sets the rules of the game. The 2020 crisis froze a lot of large projects and a fairly large number of free TOP talents entered the market. Companies in the E-commerce and Video Industry – are on the rise now and will be hiring more. Presently businesses can choose between candidates and now is the right time to find the most talented IT сontractors, hire them at a reasonable cost, and convert their expertise into revenue for your business.

New challenges
Changes in the market born new challenges. A new challenge for companies that use remote IT engineers is more relevant than ever: how to effectively organize the work.

AOG.jobs took the business concept of remote IT talents 7 years ago when outsourcing was going through its transformation, which accordingly bore fruit. We have not been thrown overboard like many companies, we are growing organically, created the largest talent base in Eastern Europe. We have built a partner network “AOG.jobs Partners” which already includes 5 Business Representative Partners with USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada. Today we have a portfolio of successful cases with service companies (MSKNOTE), product companies (Archistar.ai), and also with startups like (Petcube).

A distinctive feature of our service is the concept of the business model, where we provide remote consultants on an hourly basis model. The hourly rate of the consultant already includes our commission, instead of the Placement Fee model, which is offered by most classic recruitment agencies.
We managed to effectively establish business processes. Starting from the selection of resources to the delivery of the project, where remote developers work directly under the guidance of the client. The client can make decisions flexibly and only pays for the work delivered and approved on his side. Working with us, the customer acquires the expertise that resolves his pains in the shortest time.

If your company is also faced with the complexity of finding IT engineers, we would be happy to analyze your needs and provide you with an effective solution in the form of proven remote talents. Or if you are just struggling to close some of your positions and need some help with the search, just let us know.

In the next review:
We will analyze the situation with pricing for remote talents and share our insight on how quickly and how much does it cost to hire a reliable Fullstack/Frontend/Backend developer for your project today.