Several perspectives on human freedom, modern IT industry, bots and aog.jobs portal development

AOG.jobs is a reliable marketplace providing its clients with the package of the essential modern and top-quality services. That’s why we always concern ourselves with the requests of our clients and take into account their needs, the most important of which we believe is a freedom need. But first things first.

Many of us hate routine, monotonous work; don’t like to spend time on boring conversations or in waiting. It seems that there’s a lack of discipline and ambitions but in reality things can be different. Those, who refuse to wait and bear with routine, are actually in need of the human freedom. And that’s great! Let’s say if all people were disciplined and devoted to the traditions, we would have never seen remarkable innovations that drastically changed our lives. If all people were hard working and tied down to the circumstances, then our world would have never had the equipment and technologies that save our time and energy, expand our freedom and possibilities.

A century ago Karel Čapek, a Czech writer, came up with such a term as “robot”. In the course of time this term was used for the anthropomorphic (androids) and other manlike machines that were able to assist people at work and home. Later on robotics has appeared, a science researching automotive technology systems (term offered by Isaac Asimov, a fantasy author). Due to the achievements of this science, the robots have released people from many boring, harmful and dangerous works.

The intellectual and information work becomes a modern human domain. At work and home we have to collect, handle, transfer and save different kinds of information. This takes more and more time and gradually becomes a routine that repeats day after day, and this is what increasingly limits the freedom of a person.

Life has gone great deal easier since the robots have come in the life of people. But it takes more than that to set people free from information routine. That’s how bots (the term derives from “robot”), computer programs appear which automatically (or according to schedule) perform unchanging and repetitive actions at top speed.

Up-to-date bots have a number of advantages in comparison to people: better reaction speed, resistance to fatigue etc. Besides they also can have live conversations with a user.

Unlike us bots don’t get annoyed by monotonous work, activities which are deprived of freedom of creativity. That’s why they easily handle many routine actions which irritate a man and waste their precious time every day. Bots will make our life easier and better in many of its spheres. Already nowadays bots successfully perform different functions such as inform the user about news and events, look for the certain information, enter data, help to choose the most beneficial purchase or travel, help to book and buy goods and services, assist with handling complicated equipment etc.

According to The Verge the possibilities for the bots’ mass production and usage are expanding thanks to Microsoft that has presented Microsoft Bot Framework, a platform for bots creation. The platform enables IT developers to build the bots in such messenger applications like Skype, Slack, Telegram etc. Microsoft plans to design such bots to permanently assist the users. And here it goes not only about a virtual assistant Cortana that will organize a day and improve efficiency of the user, Microsoft intends to implement bots in the most popular utilities available, for instance, in Microsoft Office.

The further development of bot programs offers enormous prospects for the IT industry, as most of people may be in need of bots (let’s say as personal bot assistants). At least this case might take place in the developed countries. So here we are talking already about a new, fast growing segment in IT market.

In order to provide our clients with the most updated and qualified services, AOG.jobs marketplace always keeps abreast of the developments and innovations. We always take interest in the changes in the clients’ requests; follow up, analyze and take into consideration the trends of IT industry development.

Bots’ implementation on AOG.jobs is one of the most promising directions of the portal development that will improve the quality and availability of our services. Already today users of AOG.jobs marketplace can contact our bot Lora IT (Telegram: @lora_it_bot) for assistance. The bot will help both the customer and developer to quickly choose the best developers from the portal’s database needed for the customer’s IT project, and to find the best IT project for the developer according to their qualifications and interests.  

The majority of developers available on AOG.jobs portal already have  an essential experience in programming personal assistants and bots for the popular messenger applications, that’s why they are attentively following the development of bot industry. AOG.jobs has finger on the pulse as well.

Do you want to get your own bot? Contact AOG.jobs developers!

Telegram: @lora_it_bot