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Startup & Outstaffing

We all know that not only the largest IT companies and corporations, but also international unicorn startup companies benefit from outstaffing services.
Top companies have already recognized the efficiency of IT outstaffing model and are quite active in taking advantage of it, developing their collaboration with the key service providers in order to systematically receive outstaffing services.
We have mentioned before why exactly they opt for and work actively within such a format. But lately numerous startups and small-scale international businesses often encounter difficulties in the searching of the best talents in the market, and as the users are impatiently waiting for the updated functionality and new opportunities, small companies are pushed into IT talents integration based on the outstaffing model not only for the current tasks, but also for the sake of collaboration with the huge corporate clients.

Petcube is one of the dynamic and rapidly growing international companies that hires AOG.jobs developers in outstaffing format.

For more than 5 years, Petcube has been dedicated to applying its experience and knowledge to develop the hardware and software line available in the markets of the USA, EU and Australia.

The project cooperation, that has started as a strengthening of the team for new hardware line launch, is still ongoing within everyday tasks and assignments.

The startup’s basic demand is similar to the one of big IT companies – quick recruitment, high level specialists, and ability to manage and monitor resources while paying only for the specified time and completed tasks.

There are cases when it’s necessary to integrate the product with the client’s system, add customized functionality, adapt and localize it; outstaffing is beneficially applied for the budget control and business model scaling through engagement of the outside developers to tackle those parts of the project which require quick integration with minimum investment.

The cooperation with the international startups is indeed exciting, it involves highly qualified candidates and an outstanding level of customer service.

AOG.jobs has a great deal of experience in working with startups, including airline companies, Scandinavian products as well as worldwide famous and not yet very popular foreign startups.

Our team stands ready to deliver the best IT specialists now and assist you in creating a successful unicorn startup.

Simply stay focused on the core idea of your product and we will gladly provide you with the reliable and experienced IT specialists within 24 hrs.