Three Challenges IoT Developers are Going to Face

Internet of Things (IoT) is an apparent future IT trend. In short, it is a network of objects with embedded technology able to connect and interact with each other. All these “things” being smart devices are aimed at cutting costs, improving customer services, reducing energy consumption etc. IoT is claimed to be one of the most significant discoveries of tech world and is expected to win all aspects of human life from retail to airplanes in few years.

According to the latest forecasts there will be 20 billion of connected things by 2020. Naturally this will increase costs of development, but it is not all challenges those involved in IoT will face.

How to connect all the “things” together?

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Connectivity may become one of the most sizable stumbling point in IoT development of future. To make all smart things of everyday usage connected, developers should consider lots of points and technical features such as structure of bundles of current connections, consequences of implementing innovative approaches of these connections etc.

Today we are having centralized network model with thousands of devices involved. But with the growing amount of “things” involved in the system, management and arrangement of all of them will take much time and investments into cloud servers able to cope with such load of information. This is the reason to transfer to decentralization IoT networks.

How to keep IoT secure?

Security of Internet of Things becomes a growing concern for developers. As more devices become connected it is more difficult to maintain the security. All sensitive data of all devices should be protected in order not to become a target of hack attacks from outside.

Lots of IoT developers are not aware of possible outcomes and do not have enough knowledge about hostility prevention programs, but security issue should not be neglected! It is better to prevent a threat than fight its consequences.

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How to maintain IoT private?

It is not a secret that some IoT devices may contain some private information and even be protected and keeping information from data breaches is of high importance.

Data may become vulnerable when one non-sensitive device of IoT is connected to another one which is protected and in such a way reveal some personal information to the people with bad intentions. We should remember that Data breach development is progressing along with IoT development and hackers usually do not put much effort to find out what they want to. That is why privacy challenge is essential when we speak about Internet of things.

What other challenges you think will developers struggle with?