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Top 5 benefits to choose outstaffing from AOG.jobs

You can get your project done on time with a quality as well. Our mission is constantly improving our processes in order to bring you much more benefits than risks. The potential of AOG.jobs service for cooperation with your tasks is huge.

Let’s start from the first benefit – reducing costs

The main reason why most companies prefer to hire external specialists is the noticeable cost reduction. Limited budget is a common issue for many companies of any scale, and outstaffing helps to deal with it.

For example, the average income of IT specialists in the USA amounts to $120 000 per year. However, if you move farther to the east (for example, Ukraine), the annual salary of experienced senior developers is about $60,000-$70,000. Moreover, with a partner like AOG.jobs you don’t care about issues like workplace, taxes, insurance, bonuses, and motivation etc. You make yourself the difference in wages between your own employee and ukrainian. Despite you work directly with the hired employee, you pay for a partner with a feeling guaranty, which is responsible for covering all the organizational expenses.

The second benefit is flexibility

Cooperation with AOG.jobs makes your project flexible enough because a remote employee can master any technologies that you need right now. It is a common practice to pay for a developer on a monthly or a sprint tasks. Connect or disconnect additional developer without any problems, headache and secret troubles. Our clients are absolutely calm after signing the non-disclosure of your company’s confidential information.

The third advantage is quality

Our best practices in IT outstaffing, the growing database of leading IT developers and freelancers more than 400,000 middle and senior IT professionals in 86 IT technologies. Professional Talent Integration Managers guarantee the delivery to the client for at least two highly qualified candidates for the project only for 24 hours and absolutely free. You no longer need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business. Any development is a creative process that often requires innovative and non-standard approaches. In addition, can adopt the experience and expertise from other developers.

One more reason is control and focuses on efficiency

Outstaffing partner saves you time and solves organizational issues: such as reporting and salary, and provides opportunities for adjusting business processes. At the same time, the client performs management functions. Make your service offerings better with high-quality results and shorten the time it takes to reach the product in the market. You will be faster in converting your ideas into products. Unlike outsourcing, outstaffing allows you to directly manage employees and collect team meetings at any time convenient for you. Eventually, you will be able to spend more time and resources developing and improving your product. Rather than endlessly looking for candidates, interviewing them or getting reports from outsourcing team.

Closing our top five benefits – support

Most Ukrainian IT professionals have a good level of written English, which is very useful when you need to hire a programmer. Thus, communication becomes much easier and smooth.

In fact, before we invite candidates to participate in your projects, we conduct interviews with languages so that they are fluent in English and can work with English-speaking clients.

We offer our clients to try several developers for a position before they decide on a candidate who meets the requirements of the project. Plus, we provide a guarantee to replace the candidate, if the client will need it. With the direct access to your remote employee, you’re able to control his work and be sure that it lies within the current development process. It will be easier for him to work on the product in the team, which already understands it.


Outstaffing works perfectly when you need specialists for a certain project and you are ready to manage the process of their work. It often implies that you have your own project managers who work directly with the remote specialists. Thus outstaffing is the option that gives you more control and more flexibility in handling the project but imposes more responsibility for the project outcome.

Professional talent integration managers team is prepared to provide the necessary support to the clients as well as developers throughout the entire project.

Don’t lose part of your profits when looking for a specialist to generate income!

Grow up your project with us: nd@www.aog.jobs