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Why choose AOG service if you work in a small company?

In our dynamic IT world today every company chooses whom to cooperate with and how to do it. Some search only for foreign clients, some companies try to improve quality of IT services in Ukraine by working only with local Ukrainian clients, some accept interesting requests from any company trying to gain new experience, earn good reputation and loyalty.

hire freelance programmerSo you see there is no answer for “Whom to work with and what cooperation is more perspective”.

From client’s side search for a developer looks a bit different. In general, they choose developers or team by recommendations and professional testimonials in LinkedIn. Rarer cases – if there is one-time project and low rate is needed at freelance websites.

But a goal should be the one: both sides need great result and job done on time, everybody remainеs happy.

AOG is more than three years at IT market and is a proven expert in IT outstaffing (another term IT consulting) and helps match candidates for IT projects.  

AOG cooperates with both international and Ukrainian companies who value the best service, quality work and guaranteed result.

Outstaffing will be the perfect decision in the following cases:

  • you have no IT talent available and a client needs a developer;
  • you need a developer of a new technology;
  • you need a developer of very rare skill;
  • you have a specific business domain;
  • you need to use remote resource while you are closing office position (often this takes more than 2 months and the client does not want to wait so much time);
  • you need integration into a project for 2-3 months.

As an example let see the case of cooperation with small IT company (web and mobile development). This company turned to AOG recently as they needed to find a developer and lacked their own resources and, more important, they lacked time. Another obstacle was that the company is located in a small town that makes search a real challenge.

Earlier this company already successfully cooperated with AOG and this time helped to close this vacancy on time.

remote team

Another company had the following situation. A client had a ready website on PrestaShop and company launched an online store with delivery option. The problem was that the season was about to start and a website needed serious corrections. Developer working on the project initially has left and we needed to find an experienced and reliable consultant for the service to be launched. On the request AOG has chosen a specialist able to start working within few days. Candidate was approved by the client and all the tasks were solved. Website looks great and new. This company is our client for a long time and turns to us when more global tasks are needed.

One more example is AOG cooperation with Ukrainian company (outstaffing, outsourcing) that requested a specialist in a technology missing in their pool. As a project was a short-term there was no need to hire him/ her. AOG successfully closed that vacancy too. Notwithstanding the work on a project is finished already this company appeals to us to close some urgent tasks from the company itself or from its partners.

No matter how much staff you have. If you are working with people (your clients) your reputation should be always above all!

AOG is ready to save your time on candidates search and satisfy your need developers for remote projects in a short time.

To request developers and read more go to http://www.aog.jobs/outstaffing