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Why we love outstaffing (and you should, too)

IT market trends are changing at a rate of knots and new terms appear every day. In recent years term “outstaffing” has come into common use among Ukrainian IT recruiters and employers. So what is outstaffing in simple words?offshore web developers

Outstaffing is transferring of employee from the staff of customer company to the staff of contracting company. Concurrently the employee does not leave his/her previous position and continues to perform the same duties but obligations of employer toward the employee are carried out by contracting company.

For example, when a business is branching out large companies feel the need to increase quantity of employees by hiring entry and middle level specialists. The main advantage in this case is low cost.

Among other reasons of usage outstaffing there are:

  • reducing time and costs for personnel search and paper issues;
  • lower fine risks;
  • passing legal responsibility for personnel to outstaffing company;
  • Increasing motivation and efficiency of outstaffing personnel.

What spheres use outstaffing?

The most widely use of outstaffing is applied in:

  • cafes, bars, restaurants and etc. with positions of waiters, cleaners, bartenders, china clippers, administrators and so on;
  • in trading networks selling FMCG with positions of salesmen, administrators, loaders and alike;
  • manufacturing companies with positions of turners, locksmiths, electricians, bakers etc;
  • agriculture;
  • hospitality with positions of chefs, administrators, cleaners, delivery men, chambermaids etc;
  • cleaning and sports companies, fitness centers, dry-cleaner’s and many more.

outstaffing service

Usually outstaffing company searches candidates and settles all paper issues. Other issues that arise are being processed as if an employee were in client’s office. When employee is ill or has to stop cooperation a company-outstaffer has to replace him/her with another specialist of the same qualification.

Quantity of huge companies turn to Ukrainian outstaffing companies with geometrical progression and it is no wonder. Outstaffing service has more advantages than other type of cooperation. Company spends less money, time and gets the job done in time.  

Today the question is not if you will use outstaffing services, but when and how.