Guidebook for clients

Dear customer,

In the constantly changing and volatile business environment it becomes more and more important to be flexible in terms of scalability, incur lower cost and identify new opportunities.

Artel Talent Cloud is an IT Outstaffing Company that helps clients to get the high quality of IT resources in a short period of time. Our goal is to provide an excellence services to our clients and to help freelancers to be involved into the most interesting project all over the world.

Our area of expertise covers the most popular technologies and skills. Our developers are ready to join your team in 24 hours. Our professional team of Talent Integration Managers is ready to support you during the whole period of the project

We have been constantly helping customers and independent developers in communicating with each other and developed a set of best practices. This guidebook will help you in utilizing external developers for your projects in an effective and efficient way.

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  1. AOG 2/24 service managers will help you to find, choose and hire the right IT developer. We hope you will manage the person well.

Our consultants are temporary employees in your project. We are ready to support you in communication with the developer or other administrative issues. Yet, we do not manage the resource and his/her work. If you want AOG to manage your project – we can offer that as well, but this would be a different service.

  1. Delivery responsibility is shared between you and the developer

  2. Customer is responsible for technical management

AOG 2/24 service managers do not have skills in technical management. Only in HR. Technical management of a developer is fully customer’s responsibility

Planning to hire

  1. Give as much information about tasks and technical requirements as possible

Provide the resource manager as much information about the project as possible. The more information you give – the more chance we have to offer you matching candidates. Many developers do not apply only because they do not know what they are applying for. A developer should see the whole iceberg from the very beginning in order to make sure s/he is qualified enough.

  1. For overseas requests – visa arrangements take at least 2-3 weeks.

Beware that consultants cannot depart the next day after they are hired. If your project is long-term – work permit is needed. It takes much more time to arrange it than visa.

  1. Let us know about the work conditions and availability required

Inform us whether you want a consultant to work remotely or in office, what location is required (if any), when one needs to start and what should be the working/communication hours.


During the interview

  1. Present your company and tasks

  2. Point out all the specific requirements for the tasks

Inform about technical, software, hardware requirements. A consultant might not meet them. To save time, it is better to clear this from the very beginning.

  1. Confirm the working hours (and communication methods)

Talk with a consultant about his/her availability and how you would communicate. Ask about his/her available time slots during the day.

  1. Try to conduct an interview as a two-way discussion

This would help both sides to figure out whether you match each other

  1. Your timely feedback after the interview is highly appreciated

Most of our developers work independently and constantly receive temporary projects. The sooner we receive your feedback – the better chance we have to hire the right person for you.

Work in progress

  1. Prepare all the necessary tools for work

You are surely interested that a consultant starts and keeps working efficiently. Make sure you provide him/her with all the needed tools before the work starts.

  1. Provide specifications of tasks

Be specific about your requirements and give clear tasks to a developer. This would help you to get the result you are aiming at.

  1. Check developer’s work on a constant basis

Follow-up with a developer (at least on a weekly basis), be informed about what s/he is doing to make sure everyone is moving in the right direction. It could be helpful to divide the tasks in sub-tasks and/or use some system of tracking of the steps taken. In this way you will have a better picture of the progress.

  1. If you have any concerns about developer or his/her work – please contact the resource manager immediately

If something goes wrong and you cannot solve the problem with a developer – contact us immediately. We are always ready to help. The sooner you contact us – the more chance we will have to solve the issue.

  1. Have a managing person from your side

Best of all is to assign one person who would communicate with a developer and give him/her the tasks. This person should be technically skilled and able to monitor developer’s work.

  1. Listen to proposals that developers give

Most of our temporary resources are seniors and have knowledge in best practice. Perhaps it could give you some insights on your project.

  1. Approve hourly reports in a timely manner

Remember – developers’ salaries depend on it.

After work

  1. Your opinion about the developer’s work in highly appreciated

We would welcome your feedback about our freelancers as well as about our service.

  1. Contact us if you want to hire the same developer again

If you would like to hire the same person again – you need to contact us first (not this developer)

We hope this guidebook would help you in using temporary resources for your projects.

We wish you good work and plentiful results.