Guidebook for developers AOG outstaffing

Guidebook for developers AOG outstaffing

Dear Developer,

We kindly recommend you to read these rules in order to achieve maximum efficiency during the work with the clients.

The rules will also help you to prevent problems and misunderstanding that may arise while working on the project.

Pre – Interview stage:

– signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) via HelloSign

– signing of Contract with AOG via HelloSign

Preparing for the interview:

– learn the project’s information and requirements

– choose the comfortable place suitable for the interview

– make sure the Internet connection is available and works well

– make sure your headphones and mic work well

– get ready for the interview 5 minutes before its actual start

Interview stage:

– be polite, welcoming and positive

– ask questions about technologies the client applies on their project, about project itself: stage of the project, number of the developers involved/planned to be involved, project’s duration

– during interviews it’s forbidden to discuss payment amount, promote your company or share your contacts with the client

– ask the client about the expected start date

– enquire about tracking systems that the client applies

– ask to specify the details about software necessary for the project

– ask about schedule, daily calls and their timing

– discuss with a client about frequency of the reports on the completed work

– enquire about the client’s preferable way of communication

Before the project starts:

– please make sure that you sign an Appendix and carefully read all the conditions

– please coordinate the exact working hours with the client before you start

working on the project. If the project is listed as a full-time assignment, it

means that you should work during business hours according to Ukraine time

zone. All other terms and conditions should be agreed in advance

– make sure that you have a required workstation at your disposal and can install

all needed software on your computer

Working conditions:

– if you are going to start working on a full-time project, please note that the

client expects you to work 8 hours per day during Ukraine business hours.

All other terms and conditions should be agreed separately

– overtime hours should be agreed and approved in advance by the client in

written. The confirmation letter should be sent to Email

– please pay attention that in case AOG doesn’t receive the client’s confirmation

of your overtime, you are most likely not to get paid for it

– be informed that during the whole project and in particular during the agreed

working hours you should keep an active communication with the client and be

available on Skype, Email and phone

Hourly reports:

– in the course of the entire project you should fill in hourly reports on daily basis

– make sure that at the end of every month the client confirms all your tasks. Do

not hesitate to ask for the client’s clarification if some issues are not clear


– on the last working day of each month you have to send the filled in report to


– please note that if we don’t get your report on time the payment for the previous

month will be delayed or postponed until the next month

Sick days, absence and vacation:

– if you start working on a short-term project (2-3 months), the client doesn’t

expect you to have any vacation during this time

– for a long-term project your vacation should be agreed with the client in

advance (2-3 weeks before due date) and confirmed in written form.

The copy of the confirmation should be sent to Email

– if you need to take a day off due to personal reasons or health issues, please

inform the client directly and make sure that all urgent tasks are completed.

Please also inform us at once of the situation in hand via Email

Public holidays:

All AOG developers work during business hours according to time zone and

official public holidays in Ukraine. The clients will definitely appreciate it if you

kindly remind them about upcoming public holidays via Skype or Email in



– every developer gets paid on a monthly basis according to the hourly report

provided at the end of the month

– the payment period is due from 18 until 20 of every month

– the payment is made only after we get the client’s approval of your hourly

report. All disputable issues should be solved individually

Prolongation of the project:

Please be informed that the prolongation of the Agreement should be confirmed

only by your TIM in written form. You are authorized to discuss the project

duration with the client directly, please make sure to get the official confirmation

from AOG as well. Otherwise the hours under terms of the prolonged agreement

won’t be approved and paid by AOG

Some important rules:

1.It’s forbidden to discuss the rate with the client’s project manager or directly

with the client

2. Please remember that you have signed NDA. Never post any information

regarding the project or client on any public resources. All information is

confidential and the client’s name shouldn’t be listed on your CV or any other

personal network without AOG approval

3. It’s not allowed to involve other recipients in your Email and Skype

communication with the client without AOG confirmation

4. In case of issues, misunderstanding or deficiency of the communication arising

between you and the client, you should immediately inform us via


5. Please don’t forget to commit source changes to GIT, change statuses of the

tasks in issue tracking system and track your hours every working day in order to

prevent any problems

6. If you work on a “fixed monthly payment” basis and you stop to receive tasks

from the client, please contact the client directly and immediately inform them

about the status. The same notification should be sent to AOG via


7. In case AOG receives no notice on the lack of tasks from the developer, such

non-working days will be deducted from the fixed monthly payment at the end of

the month

8. If in the course of the project you receive the tasks from the client that are

unclear to you, please do not hesitate to ask the client for the clarification. It’s

better to ask questions than to fail your task

9. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. If you promised to do something by

tomorrow – keep your promises. Do not promise things that you cannot implement.

You should be realistic, otherwise you will not be trusted

10. Always meet deadlines. If the delay is expected or the project timeline changes

– inform the customer immediately

If you have any questions or need any advice, please feel free to contact your

dedicated TIM any time via Email or Skype live:vh_370

We hope these rules will help to provide a productive and smooth cooperation with

the client.

Good luck!