Get highly qualified IT Talent in 24 hrs
for your IT Project


Get IT Talent
in 24 hours

The AOG database currently includes 9000+ highly experienced developers ready to join your project already today


Request remote
IT Team

AOG cooperates with more than 600 IT Companies and offers remote team of developers allocated for the customer’s project only


Build your own
dedicated team

AOG sets up your own Dedicated Team complying with your administrative needs, including office unit and required software

Why clients choose us

  • Experienced and open-minded Ukrainian IT Talents
  • Fast and free individual search
  • Only qualified IT Talents (Middle/Senior level)
  • Experienced Talents specialized in 86 IT technologies with reasonable rates

TOP Experts

We gathered a vast database of TOP IT Experts that are ready to join your project ASAP. All the candidates are proven in the chosen technology and verified by our professional Talent Integration Managers for sophisticated IT projects. By following the links below you may view brief CV of the candidates that are ready to start working on your tasks today.

About us

AOG is IT Outstaffing company established to provide clients with highly qualified Ukrainian IT Talents ready to join your project already today. Located in one of the major offshore development spots in the world, we offer expertise in web, mobile and game development as well as software engineering.

Effectiveness and flexibility are the core values of AOG. From turn-key projects to delegated tasks, from dedicated teams to a few extra hands to augment your in-house team — we offer cooperation models that will work perfectly for you.

The Ukrainian developers with attractive rates offer a transparent cost plus scheme, where you only pay for the actual time the developer spends on your project.

We are looking forward to exceed our clients’ expectations by permanently improving service quality and efficiency.

Volodymyr Dybenko

Chief Executive Officer